DIY Primitive Crochet Hooks
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DIY Primitive Goddess Crochet Hooks

June 3, 2018

While visiting a local craft store, I noticed a display of new crochet hooks with ergonomic handles.  To me, the shape of the handles resembled a goddess statue.  I searched online, but I couldn’t find any goddess crochet hooks.  So, I created my own DIY Goddess crochet hooks.

Now prior to this project, my sculpting experience was limited to playing play-doh with little ones.  (And more times that not, the little ones produced better results than me.)  Therefore, I would say that no prior experience is required to create this project.


  • Aluminum crochet hooks (I used the generic Michael’s brand, which I purchased using a 40% off coupon.)
  • 1 package of polymer clay per crochet hook  (I used Premo! Sculpey Accents oven bake clay.  Honestly, I just chose this clay because I love the glitter look of the clay.)

I had the best results when I assembled the goddess, then added the crochet hook.  I created a sphere approximately 3/4″ in diameter for her head, a pen shaped piece that is thicker on one end for her body and a long thin snake-like piece for her arms:

Assemble the head and body of the goddess, then insert the crochet hook through the top.  Be sure to go slowly in order to avoid squishing the clay.

DIY Goddess Crochet Hooks

Hold the crochet hook in your hand as if you were going to crochet.  I find it most comfortable for me if the torso aligns with my palm when I am holding the crochet hook.

Pinch off two small pieces of the long snake piece and add them for the arms.  Be sure the arms are completely connected to the body.  (We don’t want them to disconnect later.)

I used a toothpick to draw a spiral design on the torso.  I also used to the toothpick to add the crochet hook size on the back of the torso.

Each goddess used approximately 2/3 of a package of polymer clay.  I hate to waste supplies, so I used the remnants to create these handles that have a marble look:

DIY Goddess Crochet Hooks

If you are using oven bake clay, bake the clay according to the directions on the package.

If you make your own DIY Goddess crochet hooks, please leave a picture below or tag me on Instagram!  I would love to see your creations.

DIY Goddess Crochet Hooks

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  1. I love these! I’ve never had an ergonomic crochet hook, and honestly I haven’t had much time to crochet lately, but these are beautiful.

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