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DIY Litha Beeswax Sewing Thread Conditioners

June 11, 2018

I love to hand sew and embroider; however, I hate to thread needles.  As a result, I usually try to stitch with the longest length of thread possible.  Of course, this can lead to knots.  Thread conditioner adds a thin coat to the thread and helps prevent tangling.  There are commercial versions available in craft stores, but it is fun and inexpensive to make them at home.  Here are the instructions to make your own Litha Beeswax Sewing Thread Conditioners.


  • Beeswax Pastilles (Pastilles are small round pieces of beeswax.  Beeswax is available by the block; however, I personally find the blocks more difficult to use.  The pastilles are already ready to be melted.)
  • Silicon Mold  (I purchased mine in the candy making section of the craft store.  Since I use it for soap making and other crafts such as this, I do not use it for food.)
  • Double Broiler or Sauce Pan and Mason Jar

Litha Beeswax Sewing Thread Conditioners

First, melt the beeswax.   Beeswax can be a pain to clean up.  Once it is cool, it sticks like crazy to everything.  So, I have a small mason jar that I use only to melt wax.  That way, I don’t have to worry about clean up.

I put the beeswax in the mason jar.  Then, the mason jar goes into a sauce pan of warm water.  The heat from the water warms the mason jar and melts the wax.

Be careful!  The melted wax is hot!  This is not a project for little ones.  I try to wait until everyone is napping, then I make these.  That way, I know I won’t be interrupted.

Use a pot holder, oven mitts or canning jar lifter to remove the mason jar from the water.  Carefully pour the wax into the mold:

Let the wax cool.  Then, remove them from the mold.

To use, simply run your floss or thread over the beeswax after you thread your needle.

Litha Beeswax Sewing Thread Conditioners

If you create your own Litha Beeswax Sewing Thread Conditioners, please leave a picture below.  I would love to see your creations.

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