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Book Review: Office Heretics by Nan Sampson

May 29, 2019

Book: Office Heretics by Nan Sampson

Format: Audio Narrated by Andria Litto

Rating: 4 stars

When she receives a call for help from her old college friend Lacey, Wiccan Ellie Gooden senses nothing but trouble. However, Ellie cannot ignore her former friend. So, she reluctantly decides to go to Chicago even though it is the last thing that she wants to do.

Unfortunately, Ellie arrives too late. The Chicago police immediately attribute the crime to a random act of violence. However, Lacey’s ghost soon begins haunting Ellie and gives a very different impression.

Since the police show no signs of getting to the truth, Ellie decides to investigate herself. She soon finds herself immersed in office politics and personal dramas. What happened to Lacey? Can Ellie find the killer before they strike again?

Office Heretics by Nan Sampson
Office Heretics by Nan Sampson

I believe that I enjoyed the mystery in this book even more than the first installment of the series. I love that Ellie’s best friend, Kate, and the always charming Charlie were more prominently featured in this book. The change of setting was refreshing even though I missed the residents of Horizon.

The mystery is very well plotted and paced. I didn’t know the murderer’s identity until the end. Normally, paranormal cozy mysteries are not my favorite. However, Lacey’s ghost was well portrayed and well integrated into the story.

While I did enjoy the book, the narrator’s voice grated on my nerves a bit. I usually enjoy when narrators provide characters unique voices; however, the portrayal of Kate was a little shrill. It is not at all how I imagine Kate. In the end, I rated the book four stars instead of five based on the narration.

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