Free Litha Word Search Printable
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Free Litha Word Search

June 5, 2019

I looked up Amazon’s list of best selling children’s religious holiday books today. Unfortunately, there is only one Pagan book on the list. I have never understood why there are so few resources for the children of Wiccans and Pagans. There is a seemingly endless supply of beginner books for teens and adults. However, I have only found a handful of resources for little ones. With the Solstice fast approaching, I wanted to create a Sabbat themed worksheet. So, I created this free Litha word search printable.

The word search contains 21 words associated with Litha such as healing, moon, sun and roses. Hopefully, it will spark conversations and reinforce the principles of the holiday.

Litha Word Search
Free Litha Word Search

In case you are interested, the only Pagan book currently on the best seller list is the Elsie and Pooka Stories – Summer by Lora Craig-Gaddis. Elsie is a young witch, and Pooka is her familiar. We love the books. They each contain several short stories that are perfect for reading aloud. There is a book in the series for every season. In addition to the book series, the author also publishes a free magazine every Sabbat that contains coloring pages, stories and crafts for kids.

Visit the Pooka Pages website for more information on the Elsie and Pooka:

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