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Book Review: Witchcraft Activism by David Salisbury

June 8, 2019

Book: Witchcraft Activism by David Salisbury

Rating: 5 stars

For the most part, I dislike confrontations. Debating never held any interest for me. However, even I have felt a need to become politically active lately. So when I saw Witchcraft Activism by David Salisbury at my local library, I immediately picked it up.

To be honest, this book surprised me. I expected it to focus solely on national politics. Instead it is a practical and magical guide to influencing social change at all levels. The book begins by introducing ways to become active in your own neighborhood or town. Then, it progresses up the chain of power. It also provides a wide range of suggested actions. Everything from letter writing to national protests is covered.

I love that the book is full of practical advice based upon the author’s personal experiences. As a resident of Washington, D.C., he is very active in both local and national issues. In the book, Salisbury recommends volunteering in your community. Then, he explains that he once volunteered hoping to directly interact with those in need. When that didn’t happen, he was initially disappointed. But then he realized volunteering is about the people being served. If they need you to wash dishes, be the best dishwasher ever. I spent almost a decade working at a nonprofit. I wish that everyone who volunteers would read that chapter.

Witchcraft Activism by David Salisbury
Witchcraft Activism by David Salisbury

The book concludes with a chapter on Witchcraft activists in history. While I don’t really consider a couple of the oldest historical figures mentioned to be witches in the modern sense, this was my favorite chapter in the book. I would love to read an entire book about witches who implemented social and political change.

If I were to describe this book in one word, it would be practical. I would recommend it to anyone who is considering activism.

Witch Craft Activism by David Salisbury

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