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Book Review: Rupert’s Tales The Nature of Elements

June 28, 2019

Book: Rupert’s Tales: The Nature of Elements by Kyrja

Rating: 5 stars

Estimated Grade Level: Kindergarten to 3rd Grade

We are only about a week past Litha, but the Lammas harvest season is already in full force here on the homestead. We haven’t had a lot of spare time, but we did acquire a new book recently. Little ones, homeschooling and related things have been on my mind lately. Unfortunately, I haven’t found many Pagan themed children’s books. So when I saw Rupert’s Tales: The Nature of Elements by Kyrja, I immediately decided to buy it.

Rupert is an adorable bunny with a variety of animal friends. The book features four short stories. Each story is centered around an element. The book contains 39 full color illustrations. The total page count is a generous 71 pages. It is hardcover with a dust jacket. The retail price is $16.99.

The Element Air

In “The Courage to Fly”, Rupert the rabbit and his friends come upon a bird, Yancy, stranded in a tree. Yancy says that he is injured and cannot fly. However as Rupert and his friends talk to Yancy, they discover he is actually afraid to fly. The animals must work together to help the little bird find the courage to fly again. I think that courage is sometimes difficult to teach, and even more difficult to practice. In my opinion, this story is a perfect conversation starter.

“Knowledge is power,” Grandmother informed them, “for both human and beast. Another thing represented by air is the direction of East.”

The Nature of Elements by Kyrja

Rupert's Tales The Nature of Elements "The Courage to Fly"
Rupert’s Tales The Nature of Elements

The Element Fire

In “Some Like It Hot”, Rupert is dealing with the heat of summer. While he is lamenting about how he does not like the heat, Rupert meets Leon the lizard. When Rupert learns that Leon needs the sun’s heat to survive, he begins to see things in a new light. Leon did not plan ahead and find somewhere to stay warm during the night. Without help, he may not survive. Can Rupert and his friends work together and keep Leon safe and warm through the night?

The Element Water

In “The Mystery of Lessons”, Rupert meets Dylan the dolphin, who is stranded beside the river. Once Grandmother Spinner teaches Rupert the difference between salt and fresh water, he begins to understand Dylan’s problem. Dylan was separated from his pod, but swimming back to the ocean through the river would be painful for him. However, what else could Dylan do? Rupert soon learns that sometimes pain is a part of life.

Rupert saw Grandmother smile. “Compassion” is what she said. “It’s when someone is hurting and you wish they weren’t, instead.”

The Nature of Elements by Kyrja

Rupert's Tales The Nature of Elements.  Children's book for Pagan kids.
Opal the Otter and Dylan the Dolphin

The Element Earth

In “The Sounds of Earth”, it’s winter. Many of Rupert’s friends are asleep for the season. However, Grandmother Spinner introduces Rupert to Erik the Earthworm. Erik hasn’t slept in days due to a mysterious noise. Rupert soon meets the tree and stone who teach him about element Earth. When everyone agrees to sleep, Rupert meets the Lady who keeps him warm and safe.

Overall Thoughts

I love that the stories are written in rhyme. It is very easy to read aloud. I also love that the book reinforces the directions associated with the elements. The correspondences are very well woven into the story.

My only minor issue with the book is that I personally didn’t care for the brightly colored pages. I do not have the best vision, and some of the text was a little difficult for me to see. However, that is probably due more to my eyesight than the book itself. I do like that the pages are color coordinated with their elements. The pages for the “The Courage to Fly” are yellow. “Some Like It Hot” have a red background. “The Mystery of Lessons” are blue. And of course, “The Sounds of Earth” pages are green.

Overall, I was very impressed by this book. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for Pagan children’s books. The stories reinforce lessons about the elements without being preachy. There are currently eight books and one workbook in the series. According to Kyrja’s Facebook page, she plans to release three more books before Yule 2019.

Visit the Friends of Rupert website. Purchase the books directly from the author, watch the Friends of Rupert YouTube channel and more.

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