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Free August 2019 Calendar Printable

July 29, 2019

July flew by in a blur of canning and preserving. A coworker says that time moves faster as we get older. Lately, I tend to agree with him. I cannot believe that it is already time for the August 2019 calendar printable.

Here is a look at what we have on tap for August.

Lammas/Lughnasadh – August 1st

Lammas, the first harvest, takes place in just a couple of days. We live in growing zone 8, so this is the time of year when we actually harvest the majority of our crops. It is just too hot by Mabon for anything to grow.

Most Pagans that I know associate Lammas or Lughnasadh with baking bread. In times past, the loaves were made with the grain from the first harvest. I do plan to bake bread, but I plan to wait until the weekend. Unless you are making quick breads, bread making is time consuming. Most recipes call for the dough to rise several hours.  For me, that is definitely a weekend activity. 

If you would like to bake your own bread for your celebration, check out the Metro’s free Lammas bread recipes.

If you want to add Pagan music to your celebration, check out the Pagan Business Network’s free online radio station. We listen every morning while getting ready. I love supporting other Pagans, and it is free.

Free August 2019 Calendar Printable
August 2019 Calendar Printable

Roman Festival of Pomona – August 13th

In Roman mythology, Vertumnus is the God of the changing seasons and growing plants.  He is married to Pomona, Goddess of orchards and fruit trees.  Oddly enough, neither Vertumnus or Pomona have counterparts in the Greek pantheon.  I personally believe this is why they are not as well known.  On August 13th, the Romans celebrated Vertumnus and Pomona as well as the changing seasons and harvest.  This ties into Lammas perfectly.

The story of Vertumnus and Pomona is included in Ovid’s Metamorphoses.  I originally read the text 20 years ago, so it has been awhile since I read it.  However, Metamorphoses is available to read online free courtesy of MIT, if you would like to read the original story.

The Full Moon – August 15th

In my tradition, the August full moon is the Corn Moon. Now is the time to harvest and preserve the corn crop for the upcoming winter. (I need to tackle that project next weekend.) I definitely plan to make homemade cornbread to celebrate.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the August full moon is also called the Sturgeon Moon because sturgeon were plentiful this time of year.  Sturgeon are not native to my area, so honestly I am not extremely familiar with them.

Free Printable August Calendar

Please note: This free printable is a gift from me to you and cannot be sold, transferred or altered, in any way, without my written consent. Please share the link with family and friends so others can download their own copy.

If you have little ones, I have a free Lammas maze printable available.  I also have a free Lammas coloring book printable available.

Be on the lookout for the September calendar printable to be posted before the end of August.

Do you have any special plans for Lammas or August? If so, please leave me a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

Do you have an idea for another type of printable that you would like to see? Please leave any suggestions in the comments below or contact me.  I want to create content that you find useful.  To do so, I need your feedback.

I hope that you all have a blessed Lammas!

Free August 2019 Calendar Printable

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