Free Mabon Word Search Printable
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Free Mabon Word Search Printable

August 17, 2019

The past few weeks have been difficult for me. At some point, I want to write about death, depression and fertility issues from a Wiccan perspective, but not today. Today, I want to spread a little happiness and share with you a free Mabon word search printable.

Mabon is one of my favorite Sabbats.  Even without the events of this month, August is always a tough month for me.  The temperatures regularly exceed 100 degrees with humidity around at least 80%.  The garden is exhausted because the heat is just too much.

To me, Mabon signals the survival of summer and the impending arrival of autumn.  This year, the autumn equinox actually occurs on September 23rd at 2:50 AM CST.  Since we are definitely not morning people, we won’t be awake at that time.  However, we will celebrate later.

General Mabon Word Search

This word search download contains five different word search puzzles. The first puzzle contains over thirty Mabon related words to find.

Free Mabon Word Search Printable

Mabon Plants & Trees

The second puzzle focuses on plants and trees associated with the equinox. Since Mabon is the second harvest, we are moving into the season of pumpkins and apples. (Or as my family calls it, apple butter season.  I spent days canning apple butter last year, and every jar was gone before November.  Hopefully, local farmers will have a good apple harvest.  I definitely need to can more this year.) 

Harvest Deities

The third word search focuses on Harvest deities.  The name Mabon was taken from a Welsh God.  Legend has it that when Mabon was three days old, he was taken from his mother, Modron.  Modron was heartbroken at the loss of her child.  Several knights took up the quest to locate Mabon for Modron.  They were able to finally locate him thanks to the wisdom of the owl, stag, blackbird, salmon and eagle.  (Wouldn’t a version of the story make a wonderful children’s picture book?)

Mabon Animals

The fourth word search features animals associated with the holiday including the five wisest animals listed above.  Fall is a very important time for several animals because it is when they gather food for the winter.  For example when the pecan harvest is ready in a few weeks, squirrels will begin gathering and storing the nuts for the winter months ahead.

Mabon Crystals, Stones & Metals

The fifth and final word search contains crystals, stones and metals associated with Mabon.  The colors associated with Mabon are gold, red and brown.  The majority of the crystals and stones associated with the equinox are those colors as well.

Free Mabon Word Search Printable

Mabon Word Search Printable

Please note: This free printable is a gift from me to you and cannot be sold, transferred or altered, in any way, without my written consent. Please share the link with family and friends so others can download their own copy.

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Mabon Word Search Printable

If you are interested in more printables, subscribe to the blog for updates. I plan to post two more Mabon activity sheets before the equinox.

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