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Unraveled Oracle Deck Review

October 8, 2019

Knitting and crocheting are my comfort crafts. I always have a pair of socks on the needles. (Even though my family is drowning in hand knit socks at this point.) I just love yarn and yarn crafts. When I saw Susie Gourlay’s new fiber arts themed oracle deck, I knew that I wanted a copy. I preordered the deck a few months ago. It arrived two days before the scheduled release date of September 13, 2019. The deck exceeded my expectations. So, I thought that I would share it with you. Here is my review of the Unraveled Oracle deck.

The Unraveled Oracle Cards

The deck is gorgeous. It contains 70 different cards. The cardstock is the perfect thickness for shuffling. I have been using the deck for about a month. So far, the cards have held up well and don’t show any signs of wear. They are the same quality as the mass produced decks that I own. The cards are borderless with rounded corners. The card design perfectly frames the images.

My hands are on the small side. I have trouble shuffling some decks, but not the Unraveled Oracle. The cards are just the right size to hold and shuffle.

The Unraveled Oracle Guidebook

Reading the cards is very intuitive. Each card is labelled with a keyword. So, it is easy to do a reading without consulting the book at all. However, the book does provide insight into each card, if you want to use it.

The book includes seven unique and original suggested spreads. Even the spreads are inspired by the fiber arts. Each spread has a diagram and a written description. So far, my favorite spread is the Sweater spread. It provides insight on a current situation and guidance to move forward. Additional spreads are available for free on the Knit Natural website.

The guidebook is printed and included with the deck. I really appreciate receiving a physical copy of the book. Other independently published decks that I have seen only include a digital book. I much prefer the added touch of a printed copy. (We don’t even own a working printer, so a printed copy is more accessible for me.)

Packaging and Extras

The cards are packaged in a sturdy cloth drawstring bag. The bag is stamped with the words Unraveled Oracle and the deck logo. I love that the packaging is reusable and eco-friendly. The bag fits the deck and guidebook perfectly. I definitely plan to store them together in the bag. This is the first deck that I have purchased without a traditional cardboard box. Honestly, I don’t even miss having a box. The deck takes up much less space in a bag.

The package also included a few extra surprises. Susie included a beautiful yarn themed postcard, a sample of Soak wool wash and a handmade bookmark. I love those personal touches. It definitely shows that a lot of thought went into the packaging.

I also received a coupon code for the soon to be released Insight knitting pattern ebook with the preorder. The collection will include patterns for a shawl, bag, reticule, altar cloth and necklace. I am really looking forward to seeing the patterns.

About the Unraveled Oracle Deck Creator

Susie Gourlay created the deck and wrote the guidebook. She is a fiber arts teacher, pattern designer and wool judge. She currently lives in Canada. Susie is an advocate for the wool industry and utilizing natural fibers. I would love to take one of her wool information classes one day. Sheep are not suited to our climate, so I have never spent time around them. A class focused on wool and natural fibers would be very interesting.

Video Flip Through

I am trying something new this time. Click below to watch a video flip through of the deck. I have wanted to try videos for awhile, but I never found the courage. It is a bit awkward, but nothing is ever perfect on the first try. I will get more comfortable with practice.

If you are interested in seeing more videos, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you have any video suggestions, leave me a comment below.

Overall Thoughts & Review

Unraveled Oracle is the first independently published deck that I have ever purchased. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I am very impressed. The deck is the same quality as the mass produced decks that I own. I love the personal touches in the images. It adds to the specialness of the deck.

All of the photographs and artwork for this deck are original. All of the images are fiber arts or cat related. To me, the imagery is very cozy and homespun. My favorite card by far is Love. It features a picture of the creator’s 20 year old cat who unfortunately passed away. She reminds me of my Abbie so much.

Overall, I feel the deck has a very positive energy. When I am at a loss for what to write, I pull a card to use as a journal prompt. I have never been able to do that with another tarot or oracle deck.

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Unraveled Oracle Deck Review

Visit Susie Gourlay’s website for more information. Visit her shop to purchase the deck.

Have you used the Unraveled Oracle? If so, what are your thoughts? Do you know of any other fiber arts related tarot or oracle decks? If so, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

Blessed be!

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Unraveled Oracle Deck Review
Unraveled Oracle Deck Review

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