Free Samhain Word Search Printable
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Free Samhain Word Search Printable

October 21, 2019

Occasionally, things go according to plan. Other times it’s just a struggle to keep going. I look forward to this time of year for months. Once July arrives and the temperature rises, I am ready for October. The summer drought and heat wave finally broke last week. As of right now, it feels like autumn on the homestead. Unfortunately, my family is still struggling with health issues.  Since I am the family caregiver, it falls to me to keep everyone and everything going.  Life feels upside down.  However, I was able to put together this free Samhain word search printable. I hope that you enjoy it.

Most Pagans that I know love Samhain. I am definitely not an exception.  It is a magical time of year.  I love walking and hearing the crunch of fallen leaves. The craft and home décor stores are beautiful with of all of their fall and Halloween decorations.  It’s a good time of year to be Pagan.

According to tradition, the Celts believed Samhain marked the end of the harvest season and beginning of winter. So, it is the last of the three harvest festivals.  Since I didn’t get to plant a fall garden this year, pecans are the only crop to harvest right now. After that is done, we will hunker down for the winter and begin eating the food preserved in the summer. Everything has a season, and autumn is one of my favorites.

About the Samhain Word Search Printable

This year’s Samhain word search printable contains four different word search puzzles in one pdf. It does contain color graphics because I couldn’t resist. But, it will be fine printed in black and white as well.

The first word search puzzle focuses on foods associated with Samhain. As with most Sabbats, food is a large part of Samhain.  Reader’s Digest estimates that we will purchase approximately $2.6 billion in Halloween candy this year. When trick or treating began to rise in popularity in the U.S., it was acceptable and commonplace to hand out homemade treats. I even remember getting homemade popcorn balls and rice krispy treats during my childhood. Then when safety concerns arose in the 1970s and 1980s, store bought candy became the preferred option. The Halloween candy market has continued to grow ever since then.

The second puzzle features words associated with divination. Divination and fortune telling is as synonymous with Samhain as witches. Prior to our age of consumerism, it was common to use every day items for divination. I personally find that fascinating. Who first tried to determine the initial of their future husband by tossing an apple peel into water? How did the legend spread? Different divination methods are just so interesting.

The third word search contains words associated with Samhain customs.  One of the most famous Halloween traditions is pumpkin carving.  The Celts carved turnips and beets with faces to ward off spirits on October 31st. Pumpkins originated in North America, so they were not associated with Halloween until much later.

Free Samhain Word Search Printable
Free Samhain Word Search Printable

The final word search features different types of Samhain costumes.  The tradition of costumes also began with the ancient Celts. They dressed as animals and ghosts to frighten away spirits that meant them harm. To me, Halloween costumes are a fun escape. For one day a year, it can be fun to dress as Glinda the Good Witch. What is your favorite costume?

Download the Samhain Word Search Printable

Please note: This free printable is a gift from me to you and cannot be sold, transferred or altered, in any way, without my written consent. Please share the link with family and friends so others can download their own copy.

Resources & Samhain Reading

Are you interested in learning more about Samhain? Here is a list of my favorite witchy books about Samhain. It definitely isn’t a comprehensive list of Samhain books, but these are my personal favorites. I own and have read them.

Halloween! Customs, Spells & Recipes by Silver Ravenwolf – This book was published as part of Llewellyn’s original Sabbat series in 1999.  It was one of the first witchy books that I ever purchased.  I have to confess that I am a bit partial to it for that reason. Silver writes in a very conversational style. I still hope it will be released as an audio book one day.

Samhain: Rituals, Recipes & Lore for Halloween by Diana Rajchel – This book is part of Llewellyn’s new Sabbat series.  In my opinion, it is one of the best books in the series.  I really enjoyed reading it.  I think that it is an excellent reference book.

The Pagan Book of Halloween: A Complete Guide to the Magick, Incantations, Recipes, Spells, and Lore by Gerina Dunwich.  If you are interested in different divination methods, then this book is probably worth a read. I purchased a copy in college and have re-read it several times since then.

Do you already have plans for Samhain? If so, what are you doing? Please leave me a comment below and let me know your plans. I would love to hear from you.

Free Samhain Word Search Printable

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