DIY Happy Yule Wood Sign
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DIY Happy Yule Wood Sign

December 15, 2019

Wooden signs and paint parties are all the rage this holiday season. It seems as though new pictures of them pop up in my social media feed every other day; however, I haven’t been able to find any Wiccan or Pagan themed designs. As soon as I saw Cauldron’s Path’s new vinyl transfers, I knew that they would be perfect for decorative signs. They also make projects quick and easy. Since we are still struggling with health and family issues, I definitely prefer simple craft projects right now. This DIY Happy Yule wood sign is a perfect homemade holiday gift. If you prefer a non-seasonal option, the Merry Meet version is suitable for any time of year.



Prepare the Sign

Since sign making is so popular right now, blank wood signs are readily available at most big box stores. Even my local dollar store carries them. I found these signs at a craft store on sale 50% off. I paid about $3.50 per sign. They are 12 inches by 9.36 inches by 0.5 inch. Cauldron’s Path offers their designs in a variety of sizes. Just be sure to measure your sign before ordering.

First, I sanded the sign. Vinyl transfers adhere best to smooth surfaces. I used fine sandpaper, which luckily I already had in my crafting stash. If possible, I sand outside. It minimizes the mess. As a general rule, it usually takes more sanding than I anticipate.

DIY Happy Yule Wood Sign
Blank Wood Sign

I wanted a stark contrast between the artwork and the sign, so I painted the signs with white acrylic craft paint. It took two coats to get a solid finish. Next, I painted the edges of the sign in contrasting colors. The edges aren’t extremely noticeable, but it adds a finished look to the project. I used green paint for the Happy Yule sign and black paint for the Merry Meet sign. All of the paint and paint brushes were already in my stash. I will admit that influenced my color choices.

Another option is to hot glue ribbon around the edges. I actually have ribbon that would have worked in my stash, but I decided to keep it simple with just paint.

Happy Yule & Merry Meet Vinyl Transfers

Using vinyl transfers for the signs ensures that the design is perfect every time. I purchased both witch’s hat vinyl transfers from Cauldron’s Path. The listing is for the Merry Meet design; however, I also ordered a custom Happy Yule design at no additional cost. Our mail service can be a bit unreliable. I was nervous about how the package might be handled in transit, but the designs arrived in perfect condition.

The small triquetra and pentacle transfers were purchased from Arwen Designs. I initially planned to add bows, but they just didn’t quite look right to me. When I stumbled across the mini transfers, I knew they were a better fit. I can go overboard with eco-glitter, ribbon and other embellishments. I wanted a simpler look for these signs.

Both packages included step by step instructions for applying the vinyl. This was my first time using vinyl transfers. I had no trouble removing the transfers from the backing. The contact paper was a bit trickier to remove. Due to the intricacies of the designs, I really had to remove the contact paper slowly. It wasn’t a problem, but don’t get in a rush. Take your time.

Next, I sealed the entire sign with mod podge. I know that the designs do not have to be sealed, but it made me feel better. Plus, it added a glossy finish.

Here is the finished DIY Happy Yule wood sign:

DIY Happy Yule Wood Sign

Here is the finished Merry Meet version:

DIY Merry Meet Wood Sign

If you make your own Merry Meet or Happy Yule wood sign, please leave me a picture below or tag me on Instagram. I would love to see your creations.

I hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season! And if things are not going as planned, remember that it is okay not to be okay. The Wheel of the Year is always turning. This season and challenges will pass. Be kind to yourself.

DIY Happy Yule Wood Sign Pinterest

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DIY Happy Yule Wood Sign Pinterest

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