About Me

I discovered Wicca in the 1990s while in high school. I was drawn to the fact that Wicca is a nature based religion. However like so many others, I lived in a small town and didn’t know anyone who was Wiccan.

Then, I moved and started college. As fate would have it, my favorite professor was a Wiccan High Priestess. Everything clicked, and I knew that Wicca was the path for me.

Fast forward twenty years and I’m now in my late thirties. I have moved into the Mother phase of my life. We live on a small homestead. I have a vegetable and herb garden. Canning is one of my favorite hobbies. Living a simple and sustainable lifestyle is my passion.

I started this blog and podcast to share my love of Wicca and homesteading. I hope to provide at least a little information and inspiration.

Thank you for visiting!