Deadly Brew
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Book Review: Deadly Brew by Karen MacInerney

In Deadly Brew, it is Halloween in Buttercup, Texas. The town is still recovering from a scorching summer when a drought hits. That’s when Lucy’s run of bad luck begins. First, her well dries up unexpectedly. Next, she discovers the house that she recently relocated to her property is haunted. Then while at a local mead winery, the owner of an exotic game ranch is murdered. When the local sheriff immediately suspects Lucy’s friend who happens to be Wiccan, Lucy knows that he is barking up the wrong tree. Wanting to help clear her friend, Lucy begins asking questions herself. Who murdered Bug Wharton? Why did he recently relocate to Buttercup?

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Wiccan Word Search
Little Ones

Free Wiccan Word Search Printable

One of my favorite memories of my grandmother is doing word search puzzles with her. She always kept a word search book beside her favorite chair. I remember sitting on her lap and trying so hard to find the words first. Word search puzzles are a good way to challenge your mind as well as […]

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DIY Primitive Crochet Hooks
Witchy DIY & Tutorials

DIY Primitive Goddess Crochet Hooks

While visiting a local craft store, I noticed a display of new crochet hooks with ergonomic handles.  To me, the shape of the handles resembled a goddess statue.  I searched online, but I couldn’t find any goddess crochet hooks.  So, I created my own DIY Goddess crochet hooks. Now prior to this project, my sculpting […]

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Triple Moon Cross Stitch Pattern
Cross Stitch & Sewing

Triple Moon Cross Stitch Baby Bib Pattern

A few weeks ago, someone asked me for baby pattern recommendations. She wanted to craft something with positive intention for a friend’s upcoming new arrival. I will admit that the question had me stumped for a few days. Thus, the Triple Moon Cross Stitch Baby Bib pattern was created. I purchased a pre-made baby bib with […]

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